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Articles related to efforts to manage the grid to accommodate renewable, specifically Solar, energy and related to the benefits and challenges of expanding energy storage.

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Grid Management

The California ‘Duck Curve’ That Will Jolt Its Power Grid

When the sun starts to set in California, there’s one thing you can count on: thousands of megawatts of natural gas-fired power plants quickly firing up to keep the state lit. It’s a daily phenomenon that will become more pronounced than ever this winter as California’s ambitious clean energy goals have boosted the state’s use of renewables. The surge in intermittent solar power will test the statewide electricity grid because it exacerbates the need for alternative sources such as gas outside of daylight hours.

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Grid Integration Puts California Ahead On Solar Goals

In 2006, the California legislature passed what was known as the “Million Solar Roofs” bill, laying out what seemed at the time to be an extremely ambitious set of goals for integrating solar power into the state’s energy mix. With a $50 million budget, the California Public Utilities Commission contracted Itron to manage the California Solar Initiative Research Development and Deployment Program and lead the development of a sustainable and self-supporting solar industry in the state by 2016.

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California Independent System Operator (ISO)

Western Grid Integration Could Produce Significant Cost Savings, Environmental Benefits

Combining the electric grids operated by PacifiCorp and the California Independent System Operator (ISO) to create a regional power marketplace could reduce energy costs by billions of dollars and help states meet their environmental goals, including California’s 50 percent renewable energy mark, according to a study released today.

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 Energy Storage

Boosting battery storage can lower utility bills — study

Adding energy storage to an already robust solar market in California’s multifamily housing sector could lead to significant utility bill savings for building owners and tenants, new findings from the Clean Energy Group and partner organizations show.

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The Hidden Cost of Solar + Energy Storage

Tom McCalmont, President McCalmont Engineering has been working on large solar projects for more than 15 years. This expertise means that McCalmont understands what goes into interconnection and utility requirements for permitting and a little-known utility requirement called the NGOM, or “net-generation output meter” is making him very worried about the future of solar + energy storage projects, particularly in California.

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