High School Happenings

Solar instruction occurs at High Schools either as a topic within a broader science or trade course, or in fewer cases, as a full course in its own right.  The following are stories from students describing their experience learning about solar technology and operations.

Students take action to cool down campus

Students from Colton High School and neighboring elementary and middle schools helped reduce the urban heat island effect on CHS’s campus by transforming a large concrete and dirt covered area of the school into a shaded, cool, green space. (VIDEO)

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GRID Alternatives Helps High Schoolers Get Their Hands Dirty On Solar Job Sites

This week, 40 high school students from California’s Inland Empire region trained through the Solar Future program of GRID Alternatives helped to install solar power systems on four houses built by Habitat for Humanity in Moreno Valley, Calif. During the two-day event, juniors and seniors who had been through classroom instruction conducted by GRID Alternatives served as volunteers for the installation of photovoltaic panels provided by SunPower.

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Submitted by Abbi Chable, Knight High School

A happy crew following completion of the installation of the PV system.

Ten students from Knight High school, part of the Antelope Valley Union High School District, participated with Grid Alternatives to travel on a service trip to Nicaragua and install off grid solar on remote village schools as part of their high school solar training program. After completing training on site at the school and on local homes in California (also with Grid Alternatives), the first group of six students traveled to Agua Fria, Esteli, Nicaragua in April 2015, followed by four more students who traveled to Totumblita, Matagalpa, Nicaragua in July 2015.

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Submitted by Dante Rodriguez, Laguna Creek High School

Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove, California (suburban Sacramento) has created a Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA) that allows students in all years to participate in a variety of special Solar projects. These range from projects that benefit the school to solar projects that have provided benefits in 23 foreign countries to projects that have won the team international recognition.

GETA students, alongside professionals, have helped their academy convert to solar by mounting solar panels to the roof of the GETA classroom. The smart choice of using green energy will not only save the school money but also help reduce its carbon footprint. This GETA project will be able to produce clean energy for years to come while at the same time promote its green energy concepts.

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