California Solar

Californian’s support for solar-generated energy has made it one of the world leaders in this form of clean energy.  If rated alone, it would be the 6th largest solar-generating country in the world; and despite recent and rapid growth in many other states, California still is home to over one-third the installations and one-quarter the annual capacity additions in the United States.

Yet like all success stories, this expansion gives rise to a range of challenges to sustain growth and manage impacts.

Following these developments is a challenge as no one website or publication focuses on the full range of policy, research, data, corporate and workforce issues that characterize the dynamic California solar industry.  The whole is lost in a sea of parts.  CaliforniaSolar is developed as a one-stop site for news, policy developments, analysis, research and data on this fast moving industry.

California News

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Studies and Research

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A Rebuttal to “The Social Benefits of Fossil Fuels Far Outweigh the Costs” Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, June 18, 2018, page A17

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Information Resources


The sources and links in the following provide capacity and generation data related to the California solar industry, as well[...Read More...]

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